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Okay, I am going to address something important!


As an avid Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni fan, I feel like I have to really make this clear.


The characters have different ways of addressing each other and only call them that way.

This means no Satoko calling Mion, “Mii-chan”. no Rika calling Keiichi “Kei-chan”. Nada, zilch. Zero.

It really bugs me when I see a good RPer or writer write about Higurashi only to completely screw up with the name-calling. This is like saying, “I watched the anime, but I don’t care about the names, I’ll just make them call them based on the character’s personality.” It shows lack of attention to detail. However, if I see Shion call Rena, “Rena-san” I become extremely giddy. So please get the name calling right.

Anyways, here’s a guide for those confused.

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Anonymous asked:

Headcanon: Da Qiao may have loved Sun Ce, but she has never brought him any children. This is because he loves her and treasures her like a jewel or a very beautiful doll that even he does not want to taint. This seems to come off as a double-sided blade, however, for this kind of love may not be what Da Qiao actually wants.

"Hey, that’s not a bad idea. I’ll add that to my list of headcanons."

hey lil mama lemme whisper in ya ear

  • Send one of these to my muse and they'll react to having it whispered in their ear. It's a mix of fluff, angst, and nsfw.

  • "I'm going to kill you."

  • "You're mine, and mine alone."

  • "No one's gonna harm you."

  • "Stay away from me."

  • "Watch your back."

  • "Kiss me or kill me, the choice is yours."

  • "I'm going to make you tremble."

  • "I love you."

  • "I hate you."

  • "By the time I'm done with you the whole block is going to know my name."

  • "What's that? Cat got your tongue?"

  • "If you don't leave right now I'm going to kick your ass."

  • "I want you, now."

  • "I need you."

  • "You can't touch me."

  • "Promise me you'll be gentle."

  • "You don't make the demands here."

  • "Stop me if you hate me so much."

  • "I'm going to tear you inside out."

  • "Say my name."

  • "Stay with me, please."

  • "Don't leave."

  • "You're the best thing I have."

  • "Please don't hate me."

  • "You're all I have left."

  • "Say that you love me, please I need to hear it."

  • "Just leave I don't need you."

  • "Hope is a lie."

  • "I want to have your babies."

  • "I want you to have my babies."


"Well Jin, I guess it’s you and mama now.." she said walking around the forests a little since it was a bit dark, she needed to get away from her home while holding Sima Jin.

"They only see me as a replacement nothing else…" she said covering her son up since it was cold. "But…is my lord just..using me like uncle said?"

The young girl was sitting through another boring lecture of Zhou Yu’s. In all honesty her brother-in-law needed to calm down a little. Joining in, Sun Ce’s pranks never stopped amuaing her, despite her mature nature.

"Brother, please… Shut up. Calm down and get over it." Her usual pearl skin was etched with irritation. With that she stormed out.

"Hah… Master Zhou Yu has to stop being so uptight." Being not so afraid of the dark, (Yeah right.) She walked down the road wherever it would take her. Which led her to another lady carrying a baby.

"Huh? My lady, what are you doing all the way out here?" She questioned, she seemed very familiar…


((RWBY is made by the guy who made Dead Fantasy right? *Needstowatchit*))

Yes yes Monty Oum of Roosterteeth and it’s really great.

What’s even greater about it is it’s fandom. So far it’s all so interesting, how they take it, what they think. Its amazing, utterly amazing.

((Seems interesting. Good to kow it has a good fanbase. I’m gonna go to youtube and search this up. If he could Kairi into a BAMF then has gotta be epic!

Any thing of important note I need to know?))

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